Arma III

The Arma Bundle is, you guessed it, all about Arma

Even Arma III: Karts is in there.

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Humble Bundle strikes again with great deals on its latest bundle, and this time it's all to do with the Arma series, the military shooters that have been around for a decade on the PC.

For the lowest tier of $1 USD, which is roughly £0.81, you get Arma: Cold War Assault, Arma: Gold Edition, as well as Arma Tactics, but if you up your spending to the next tier, costing $13.04 (about £10.50), you get Arma II, as well as Arma II: Operation Arrowhead and expansions British Armed Forces, Private Military Company, and Army of the Czech Republic.

The highest tier, however, which costs $15 (about £12.07) or more to unlock, gives you 2013's Arma III, and the not-so-military expansion Arma III: Karts, a parody that started as an April Fool's joke and then developed into an actual thing.

You can see more about the bundle here. Is Arma one of the best military shooter series on the PC?

Arma III

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