Agents of Mayhem

The Agents of Mayhem/Saints Row studio hit by lay-offs

Their latest game has sold "far less than it needed to".

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The folks at Volition probably surprised most people when they revealed that their next game wouldn't be a new entry in the Saints Row series, but instead be a new IP called Agents of Mayhem. It didn't exactly help that it took a while before they managed to clarify what the game was all about either. Some thought it was a co-op game, while others didn't quite see what the game's draw would be. These are probably some of the reasons why the game hasn't exactly been on top of the sales charts the last few weeks, which again has lead to some sad news.

We started hearing rumours of multiple people getting laid off from the company, so we contacted some of our sources close to the studio for a comment. The three we've heard back from can confirm that close to forty people have been laid off the last few days as a consequence of Agents of Mayhem selling "far less than it needed to".

It should also be noted that it's fairly common for people to get laid off when a studio has released a new game, so this is obviously the reason for some of these lay-offs as well. We're told that the studio isn't in danger of being closed, as the majority of the remaining developers have moved on to a new and exciting project, while some will continue to work on updates and DLC for Agents of Mayhem.

Several developer studios have left messages on Twitter stating that they're hiring and hashtagged them with #VolitionJobs, so we hope that those who lost their jobs will find something new very soon.

What do you think of Agents of Mayhem? Is it underrated?

Agents of Mayhem

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