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AEW: Fight Forever

The AEW Wrestling game started as something quite different

Producer Hiromi Furuta offers some insight into the project's origins.

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Last year, Yuke's confirmed that it was working on a new wrestling game after cutting its ties with WWE. While we didn't get any sign of life from this, it was recently revealed that it is now the developer of the official AEW wrestling game.

So is it doing two wrestling games then, or what happened with the first one? The Yuke's boss and producer Hiromi Furuta had a good answer to that in an interview with VGC, where he admits that the studio built upon the wrestling game it started on last year to make AEW:

"At that time there was the possibility of it becoming something else, but your understanding is correct. However, it was very recently that we began making the game with AEW. Unfortunately, [it's] too early for us to discuss [details] at this time."

We still don't know when we'll get the first real signs of life from this game, but we suspect it might take at least a year.

AEW: Fight Forever

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