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The adorable Ooblets will invade Nintendo Switch this summer

Glumberland's game, originally released on PC and Xbox One, is coming to Nintendo's hybrid console in a couple of months.

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The Nintendo Indie World kicked off earlier today with a title which might be familiar to PC and Xbox One users. Ooblets, the newest release by Glumberland and Double Fine, will come to Nintendo Switch this summer with an adorable, relaxing and fascinating proposal.

This farming, creature collection and adventure game is set in Badgetown, where you will have to carry out all sorts of everyday tasks to make the city prosperous again. In this sort of life game simulator and management game combination, not only will we have to take care of our farm to bring out the Ooblets and expand our collection, but we will also be able to decorate our home, run a shop, meet a great variety of characters or use special cards to perform the most crazy dances.

A game full of cute creatures that can also be scary, where we will explore icy peaks, swamps and harbours, amongst other areas. This and much more is what Ooblets will bring to Nintendo Switch in the summer.


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