The Acolyte

The Acolyte goes dark in final trailer

The upcoming Star Wars show will introduce a new masked villain.

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It's only been six weeks since LucasFilm gave us the first polarising trailer for The Acolyte, the Star Wars show that will premiere on Disney+ with two episodes on the 4th of June, but the company wasn't going to let us go through the 4th of May without a new one.

The final trailer for The Acolyte makes it seem like we're in for a fairly dark, both figuratively and literally, Star Wars show in a month's time. Not that it'll stray too far from the recipe we've known for almost fifty years now, as there will be Padawan training, students turning to the dark side, lightsabers and an antagonist wearing a mask.

Is this trailer better than the first one?

The Acolyte

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