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The 2022 PUBG European esports scene roadmap has been shared

We know when each event will take place in the run-up to the next PUBG Global Championship.

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Krafton and the PUBG Corporation has announced the roadmap for the 2022 PUBG: Battlegrounds European esports scene. Revealed in a blog post, we can see that the year will be serving up two G-Loot events, two iterations of the PUBG Continental Series (PCS) and the PUBG Nations Cup, as well as the premier PUBG Global Championship (PCG) to close out the year.

As shown in the roadmap, February will bring the first G-Loot event, which will then lead into the qualifiers for the first PCS in March, with the actual event, PCS 6 planned for April.

After this, May currently has nothing planned, but June will see the return of the PUBG Nations Cup, where we'll get to see which country and continent boasts the most talented PUBG rosters.

Following this, July is serving up another G-Loot event, August features the qualifiers for the PCS 7, with the full event set to take place in September. Then, October is another down month, but will lead into the PCG, which is planned for November and December.

Other than all of this, it was also noted that there will be a lot of support for third-party events in 2022, with many of them serving as ways to earn qualification points for the PCG as do all of the events (bar the Nations Cup) listed in the roadmap. We're told to expect more details on third-party events soon.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

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