PUBG: Battlegrounds

The 2021 roadmap for PUBG Esports has been revealed

There is to be four events spread across the year.

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The roadmap of major esports events for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been unveiled, and for this calendar year that means four global tournaments. The year kicks-off with the PGI.S that is set to start soon and will conclude on March 28, before looking toward the PUBG Global Championship 2021 (PGC) at the end of the year.

June will bring the PUBG Continental Series 4, with the PUBG Continental Series 5 set to follow suit in September. These tournaments are set to bring the best teams from all over the globe together for competition, and will take place as regional tournaments across the world.

The year will culminate with the aforementioned PGC 2021 set for November. This event deemed the 2021 PUBG esports grand finale will see the best teams who've qualified through the PCS 4 and 5 tournaments compete for the crown as the best there is.

PUBG Esports also intends to create a better viewing experience for fans over the course of the year, alongside tweaking how its revenue and prize pools are shared between teams. The Pick-Em Challenge that has become very popular will also see a return for each of the four major events.

You can see a graphic detailing the schedule below.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

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