That ’90s Show

That '90s Show: Part 2 to land on Netflix in June

With a third part planned for October.

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Last year, we finally got to see many of the faces from the acclaimed TV series That '70s Show, but in a completely new guise. The gang had aged, become parents, grandparents and moved into the 90s.

Opinions on the show's merits are divided among fans, but in any case, the ratings have apparently been good enough for Netflix to produce a second, as well as third, season.

That '90s Show: Part 2, as it's called, will premiere on June 27 and you can check out the teaser trailer below. It will also be followed by That '90s Show: Part 3 later this year, on October 24.

What did you think of That '90s Show, and will you be watching these new episodes?

That ’90s Show

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