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Mortal Kombat 11Score

Mortal Kombat 11


"Mortal Kombat 11 could have been superb, but some of the design decisions Netherrealm has made are regrettable."

Text: Ricardo C. Esteves



"It seems inspired by Alien: Isolation's survival horror, but instead of being in space, we are underwater."

Text: Xavi Mogrovejo
Roccat NozScore

Roccat Noz

How about a high-quality gaming headset for around 70 quid? We've had a great time with Roccat's new lightweight contender.

Text: Petter Hegevall
Space JunkiesScore

Space Junkies


"Space Junkies is a futuristic reminder from the past. A fast-paced multiplayer shooter, that reminds us of Quake matches among friends all those years ago."

Text: Ossi Mykkänen
Anno 1800Score

Anno 1800


"Anno 1800 is a magnificent game to look at and a testament to what an accomplished large studio can achieve."

Text: Matti Isotalo
Watch a YouTuber make a PC out of pasta

Watch a YouTuber make a PC out of pasta

What looks like a real lasagne is really an 'impasta', and the key ingredient to this new recipe is PC components from Asus

Text: Ben Lyons
Ghost GiantScore

Ghost Giant


"Ghost Giant is full of charm, character, and joie de vivre (if you'd pardon our French)."

Text: Mikael Sundberg
Turtle Beach Recon 70Score

Turtle Beach Recon 70

PS4 / Xbox One

We've been testing the new Recon 70, a solid entry-level headset that's best on PS4 and Xbox One.

Text: Mike Holmes
PUBG's update #28 bringing weapon mastery

PUBG's update #28 bringing weapon mastery

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

This will allow you to attach trinkets to your weapons as part of the Mastery Initiative, with the update itself due "very soon".

Text: Ben Lyons
Heave Ho is a

Heave Ho is a "couch cooperative feel-good game"

Nintendo Switch / PC

During PAX East we caught up with Le Cartel to talk about their odd new title Heave Ho, packed with colourful characters and environments.

Text: Ben Lyons

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