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Mike Holmes

All texts by Mike Holmes

Dr. Mario WorldScore

Dr. Mario World

Android / iOS

"You can ponder your every move and really think about what you want to do to maximise your effectiveness, and it all works rather well for the most part."

Text: Mike Holmes
Streets of RogueScore

Streets of Rogue

Nintendo Switch / PC

"If you like the idea of dystopian fisticuffs with cannibals and genetically-modified gorillas and you can forgive the odd cheap death, these streets are worth exploring."

Text: Mike Holmes
Apex Legends - Battle Charge

Apex Legends - Battle Charge

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

Season Two of Respawn's battle royale shooter is live and running until October, and so we jumped back in for another round of Apex Legends.

Text: Mike Holmes
Ring of ElysiumScore

Ring of Elysium


"It looks good with its crisp and polished visuals, plays well thanks to some solid gunplay and plausible physics, the island itself is interesting to explore."

Text: Mike Holmes

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