Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris Effect: Connected is a launch title for Xbox Series X

The title will also be featured in the Xbox Game Pass.

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As Microsoft earlier this week announced that both Xbox Series S and X are launching on November 10, a lot of companies with TBA release dates for upcoming titles have suddenly decided to spill the launch plans (yesterday we reported about Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Valhalla).

Now Enhance has decided to do the same thing with Tetris Effect: Connected, which turns out to be a release title for the new Xbox consoles (also coming for PC). It has several new multiplayer modes, of which Connected sounds the most interesting. It offers Tetris multiplayer for up to three players, and it will task you to work together to defeat bosses.

If you love stylish Tetris, multiplayer, and 4K/60 FPS graphics - then maybe you should check this one out. It might not even cost you anything, as it will be included with Xbox Game Pass.

If you have the original Tetris Effect for PlayStation 4 or Oculus, Tetris Effect: Connected will be released as an update for those versions during summer next year.

Tetris Effect: Connected
Tetris Effect: Connected
Tetris Effect: Connected
Tetris Effect: Connected
Tetris Effect: Connected

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