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Teslagrad 2

Teslagrad 2 is getting a demo on Steam in February

We'll finally get an indication of whether or not lightning will hit the nail on the head twice next month.

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The talented folks over at Rain Games couldn't say too much when they announced Teslagrad 2 back in 2020, but the few details we got were shown in action when my fellow Norwegians gave us a gameplay trailer last August. Do you know what's even better than that to get a clear indication of whether it can live up to the original or not? A demo.

The developers agree, so Teslagrad 2 is getting a demo as part of Steam Next Fest when it starts on February 6. We're told the demo will give us a taste of how Lumina's electromagnetic abilities can be used to defeat enemies and solve puzzles in imaginative ways while traversing the Scandinavia-inspired environments, as well as tease where her story goes after the events of World to the West. Top this with the beautiful new key art below, and it's fair to say I'm excited for the full release this spring, but maybe I'm just a patriot.

Teslagrad 2

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