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Rage 2

Terrormania: Rage 2 loses its temper in the Deadlands during November

One new mission and three skins are awaiting your return.

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Rage 2's second extension has an appointment: The Terrormania DLC launches on PCs and consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) on November 14th, summoning an army of darkness for our Walker to face. To obliterate this threat we need the power of a legendary sword, which simultaneously serves as a portal key and therefore is important to seal the rift to an alternative, dark dimension.

The Deadlands contains well-known parts of the game's world, although we find some areas distorted and shifted. According to Bethesda, Wellspring and Overgrown City for example are two very different locations in the realm of the dead. New locations await eager players of Rage 2 too, if you are going to buy Terrormania for 500 Rage coins or already own the Season Pass / Digital Deluxe Edition of the game. In addition to the new mission, you get yourself some flashy Halloween skins for the truck, the Phoenix and the assault rifle.

Rage 2Rage 2
Rage 2
Rage 2Rage 2Rage 2Rage 2
Rage 2Rage 2

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