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Terraria is no longer coming to Google Stadia

Co-creator Andrew Spinks pulled the plug on the Stadia version after being unable to access his Google accounts for weeks.

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Terraria co-creator Andrew Spinks has decided enough is enough and has pulled the plug on the Stadia version of the game after not being able to access his Google account for weeks. Spinks took to Twitter to vent his frustrations and noted that he had lost his Google Drive data as well as access to popular apps such as YouTube and Gmail. As a result of this, Stadia players will miss out on what is a truly excellent sandbox game.

Spinks' Twitter post reads: "My phone has lost access to thousands of dollars of apps on @GooglePlay. I had just bought LOTR 4K and can't finish it. My @googledrive data is completely gone. I can't access my @YouTube channel. The worst of all is losing access to my @gmail address of over 15 years."

Do you think that this was the right action to be taken given the circumstances?


Thanks, IGN.

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