Terraria continues its adventure on Google Stadia after all

Many hours of exploration, building and adventuring await you.

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A few weeks ago, Andrew Spinks, one of the co-founders of the indie hit Terraria, complained about Google's customer support department. Because he could not use his Google accounts anymore and (apparently) received no help in recovering his personal data at all, the developer stopped the production of Terraria's Stadia version.

However, yesterday publisher 505 Games informed us that the cult adventure from 2011 is now playable for Google Stadia subscribers. The title costs around 10 euros on the streaming platform and, according to the official press release, the latest content updates, including game version 1.3.5, are available too. We therefore assume that Spinks was able to recover and access his Google accounts once more. Sometimes you just have to let it out it seems...


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