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Terra Nil

Terra Nil, a new city builder about ecosystem reconstruction just got announced

No release date, however.

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Developer & eco-warriors Free Lives and publisher Devolver Digital just revealed a new strategy game, described as a "reverse city builder about ecosystem reconstruction". Titled as Terra Nil, the game asks players to turn a wasteland into a thriving, lively, healthy environment with various flora and fauna.

The game features procedurally generated maps where players can experience different styles and landscapes, so this should bring some great replayability. Players will have to go through different phases of environmental rejuvenation, from building a water system, to purifying the soil, to cultivating pioneer greenery, introducing wildlife to fixing the climate, then finally recycling all the structures you used to achieve the goal - as a series of ambitious tasks are waiting for you to tackle them.

No release date has been announced for Terra Nil yet, but we do get a reveal trailer, which you check from below.

Terra Nil

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