Tera outlines roadmap for early 2019

The first anniversary is coming up and so we have plenty of content to look forward to, including a major content drop in April.

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Tera is about to reach its first anniversary since launching on PS4 and Xbox One, and Bluehole is preparing a birthday treat for players as they reveal the roadmap for future content for the beginning of the year, which you can take a look at below:


As you can see, we're getting a new 20-player raid next month, with a new dungeon called Manglemire coming in March. The headline of the roadmap, however, is the biggest content drop so far, coming in April.

Elin Gunner is coming as a brand new class with the last drop, but then there is also a major update as well. This sees three new dungeons come in, but there are also plans for new gear progression and enchantment systems to celebrate the first anniversary.

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