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The Invisible Hours

Tequila Works and GameTrust announce The Invisible Hours

A VR murder mystery, anyone?

Tequila Works and Gametrust are working on a new VR experience by the name of The Invisible Hours, and from the looks of the PSVR announcement trailer (posted below), it looks like a pretty tense murder mystery.

The synopsis posted below the trailer on YouTube reads as follows: "The Invisible Hours is a complex, murder mystery set in VR, which allows players to freely explore an intricate web of interwoven stories within a sprawling old mansion, in order to untangle a dark truth. Developed by Madrid-based Tequila Works in partnership with GameTrust, The Invisible Hours sets the stage for a deeply immersive theater VR experience."

A website is available for the game here, but all that's there currently is a notification that the game is "coming soon." Is a murder mystery something that would really benefit from a VR headset?

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The Invisible Hours

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