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Tennis star Gaël Monfils is secretly killing it in Lords Mobile

IGG announces partnership with French tennis player.

Despite the fact that three different tennis games are coming out around now (Tennis World Tour, AO International Tennis, and Mario Tennis Aces), it looks like French tennis star Gaël Monfils will rather keep playing strategy-RPG Lords Mobile on his phone. Monfils has just been appointed ambassador of sorts by publisher IGG, as they learned 'Lamonf' not only is one of France's top athletes, but also one of the highest ranked players in the game.

However, his nickname is apparently being kept a secret so far. "I like the fact that my identity has not been revealed yet," Monfils admits. "I very much enjoy the concept of the game whereby strategy is a key factor to succeed but also the fact that we need to play with other players to progress through the game".

Monfils, who other than his tennis skills became popular for his breakdancing as much as his personality, wants other French players to join him online to take their nation to the top. He usually plays "when I am having my daily treatments with my physio," but also took part in a kingdom war that lasted for six hours. For reference, his hero is Berserker and he's been building a guild with other friends for months now.

Lords Mobile currently has a 120+ million player userbase, and this partnership comes right after its Asian tournament in Hong Kong and the previously announced signing of Pirates of the Caribbean composer.

Lords Mobile
Gaël Monfils

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