PUBG: Battlegrounds

Tencent to invest over $30 million in Peacekeeper Elite Esports in 2021

The gaming titan will be splashing the cash to ensure its PUBG style title thrives.

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The marketing director for Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group and the president of the Peace Elite League, Leo Liao, announced at the Peacekeeper Elite Championship that the games industry titan will be investing over $30 million in the Peacekeeper Elite Esports scene in 2021.

Peacekeeper Elite is the Chinese version of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, which has a massive esports following across China. To ensure the scene is supported and is bolstered, Tencent has already invested millions in its ecosystem, generating several tournaments with millions in prize money along the way.

Esports across China are significantly larger than in most other places across the world, as they are supported to a much higher degree. To that extent, Tencent's Liao has also announced the G-League competition for 2021 that is similar to League of Legends Worlds, and will feature a $2 million prize pool.

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PUBG: Battlegrounds

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