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League of Legends

Tencent community lead suspended after harassment claims

Nick Zasowski has been suspended until further notice.

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Tencent global community manager Nick Zasowski has been suspended from his role at the company and is awaiting the verdict of a full investigation regarding claims of multiple acts of sexual harassment.

The situation came to light yesterday when HP by Omen lead John Sylvester shared some screenshots on Twitter showing conversations between Nick and two unnamed women. Apparently both conversations were littered with nude pics of Tencent's global community manager and, as a result, he was suspended only minutes later and is now awaiting the results of an investigation.

When it all came to light on Twitter last night, Twitch gamer Khaljiit wrote the following:

"He did the same to me yesterday through snapchat. Thank you so much for posting this, it's sadly common for men in the industry to treat women this way."

Tencent responded with the following statement via

"We take accusations of this type of unprofessional behavior extremely seriously, and are currently investigating the matter. The individual has immediately been suspended pending the outcome of this investigation."

League of Legends

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