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WWE 2K22

Ten things that has been improved with WWE 2K22

The wrestling title will be coming in March 2022.

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It's not every day we see a sports game in a major franchise that is so bad that it ends up with the next annual installation being cancelled. But this is exactly what happened with WWE 2K21, and therefore we haven't had a numbered installation since the unbelievably bad WWE 2K20.

The next game in the series is WWE 2K22, which isn't coming this year either as it's the year of delays. It was confirmed in August that it will arrive in March instead of the usual fall release for the series. Now we have got the first major trailer officially released. Here we get to see ten things that have been improved since the catastrophe that was WWE 2K20.

This does include obvious things like graphics (although it seems like the animations still need some work), but also gameplay (it looks like there's an evade button now) and a whole lot of customisations as well as superstars like Edge, Roman Reigns, Goldberg and Drew McIntyre. Check it all out below.

WWE 2K22
WWE 2K22WWE 2K22

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