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Minecraft Dungeons

Ten new Achievements coming for Minecraft Dungeons

The ten new achievements account for a total of 250 Gamerscore on Xbox.

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Minecraft Dungeons is getting a new expansion in December 9 called Howling Peaks. This time we get to visit a mountain area filled with new monsters and loot, but we also have to take winds into consideration this time as a new lethal hazard. With all this come ten new Achievements (and of course also trophies for PlayStation) at a total value of 250 Gamerscore on Xbox, which has now been revealed at

Taming the Storm - Complete Gale Sanctum on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty [50]

Rampart Rampage - Complete the Colossal Rampart secret mission [20]

Whirlwind Warrior - Using the Tempest Knife, defeat 10 Mountaineer mobs within 10 seconds [10]

A Taste of Their Own Medicine - Using the Updraft Tome, cast Updraft on three Wind Callers at once [10]

Woolly Wisdom - Find the chamber dedicated to the humble Llama and make an offering [10]

Giant Slayer - Defeat a Ravager and a Squall Golem within 5 seconds of each other [20]

Herd Mentality - Defeat the Tempest Golem while four pets are active [20]

Post Post-Apocalypse - Complete Obsidian Pinnacle on Apocalypse Plus 5 difficulty [50]

Dress for Success - Complete a Daily Trial with an epic challenge while wearing Emerald Armor [50]

Repeat Customer - Save yourself by using the Death Barter enchantment twice in a single mission [10]

Minecraft Dungeons

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