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Temtem's player housing update is coming tomorrow

The wait is almost over for part two of the Summer Update.

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It appears that the world of the Airborne Archipelago is about to expand once more, as developer, CremaGames, has revealed that player housing will be coming to Temtem tomorrow. This forms the long-awaited second part of the Summer update, which was delayed slightly and was revealed initially in the game's Early Access road map.

Starting tomorrow, players will have access to their own living spaces that they can personalise with the purchase of plants, furniture, and other appliances. This isn't the only addition within tomorrow's patch as it has been revealed that the peaks of the Kilima range, which were previously inaccessible, will now be open for exploration. We are sure that this means new Temtem and strange characters to discover, which is pretty exciting in itself.

Maintenance is planned to go live at 6am UTC tomorrow and is expected to last an hour, so be sure to plan your creature collecting and battling accordingly.


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