Temtem makes its console debut on PS5, December 8

The creature catching RPG comes to the PS5 ahead of its launch on Switch and Xbox Series.

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PlayStation fans will be able to experience Crema's Pokemon-like MMO ahead of other console users, as it has been confirmed the title will be arriving on the PS5 on December 8. The version on the PlayStation 5 will be in an early access state, as the title isn't expected to make a full release until some time in 2021.

This is an interesting development too, as Sony typically didn't release titles on its platform until completely finished. This is unlike Microsoft, who previously allowed Xbox One players to access "Previews" of games that were gearing up for release.

Temtem recently just added fishing and Dojo Leader rematches, and a month prior, the long-requested feature of player housing was also added. All of these features and more will be accessible on the PS5 version. You can read our preview of the game here.


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