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Temtem coming to Switch, potentially PS4 and Xbox One too

The "Pokémon MMO" gets more than 250,000 euro thanks to 6,000+ backers.

A couple of weeks ago Temtem made a splash when it launched its Kickstarter campaign. Sometimes called the "Spanish Pokémon", it's a collectable game inspired by Nintendo's series, but the twist is that it's an always-connected MMORPG.

As time passed it kept hitting stretch goals, and now it has gotten to the milestone needed for it to be ported to its first console, the Nintendo Switch. This version will be adapted from the original PC version but won't have an alpha nor an early access release, so it won't be playable until May 2020, the scheduled launch date.

But there's more, as Crema Games suggests that with the funding secured it will most likely be enough to bring the game to PS4 and Xbox One as well.

Tentem's crowdfunding campaign still has 12 days to go and is nearing £250k. Other surpassed goals should mean the inclusion of a combat replay system, a new mystical creature, and a significant gameplay feature: mounts, which will let you avoid random encounters on the map.

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