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The Walking Dead

Telltale is moving away from their old game engine

This comes with an adjustment period of course.

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After creating games based on famous franchises like The Walking Dead, Batman, Minecraft, Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Jurassic Park - all based on the same game engine - it's finally time for developer Telltale Games to move onto something brand spanking new. Well, maybe not brand new, but different at least.

The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 (which was delayed into 2019 recently) will likely be the developer's very first game running on the super-popular Unity engine. Also, at the beginning of the year Telltale began scouting for Unity-experienced engineers as spotted on the studio's own website, and now Variety reports that the move to Unity will serve as a fresh start for the studio after there were massive job cuts together with a lawsuit filed by its former CEO.

Developers are allegedly readjusting to this new engine as they're moving forward, which in turn causes a longer development process than we've come to expect from Telltale, who have been pumping out games on a very regular basis for years.

Is this the right time to change engines?

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead
The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead

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