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Tekken World Tour 2019 detailed

New locations on the tour have been announced alongside new categories open to hopeful contestants.

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The Tekken World Tour is returning for a third year, Bandai Namco has today confirmed, with new tours announced for this year's series, fresh categories that are open the competition up to new players, continued collaboration with Twitch, and a $185,000 prize pool (with $100,000 alone representing the purse for the World Tour Finals).

Things are set to get started on April 20, at MIXUP in Lyon, France, with more events set to take place in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, and Sweden, with new locations including Dubai, Greece and South Africa. Moreover, this year's final is set to take place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ahead of the first final to take place in Asia (after taking place in the US and Europe previously), 19 players will book their places beforehand, with regional event registration already open, while the 20th place at the final will be decided the day before during a Last Chance Qualifiers event.

More details are set to be announced soon, including a full schedule, and Bandai Namco promises to share the information here.

Tekken 7

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