Tekken 8

Tekken 8 might get a Waffle House stage

Fans are clamouring to fight in front of the iconic chain restaurant.

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If you've ever travelled in the United States and driven in the American South (or Midwest), you've probably seen yellow signs along the road for Waffle House, a long-standing restaurant chain that mainly serves breakfast-style home cooking, which in the US usually means bacon, sausages, hash browns, pancakes, grits, omelettes and, of course, waffles - which are then consumed with typical American coffee and orange juice.

Why we're mentioning this is because over the Easter holiday, ultra-veteran Katsuhiro Harada, who has been involved in every Tekken game (most recently as a producer for Tekken 8), wrote on X that he's been getting a lot of requests to make a Tekken 8 stage based on the iconic Waffle House... but didn't really understand why.

That led to fans giving him a quick lesson on this food institution, which in addition to stellar breakfasts is also known for fights after shitfaced patrons start swinging wildly after stuffing themselves with a hash brown bowl and ham. Harada thanked everyone for the information, and then wrote that it is ultimately Waffle House that decides whether or not it will happen, and if they reject his request, there is not much more he can do.

That said, let's keep our fingers crossed that in the not too distant future we will be able to fight in front of a Waffle House.

Tekken 8

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