Silent Hills

Teenager recreates P.T. for PC

The Silent Hills that never was.

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Silent Hills was supposed to be a reboot of the Silent Hill series created by Hideo Kojima and famed movie director Guillermo del Toro, with Norman Reedus as the protagonist. A demo called P.T. was released for PlayStation 4 and is generally viewed as one of the scariest digital experiences ever. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled while Kojima and Konami parted ways on bad terms, but the demo continues to be popular and has achieved cult status (even if you can't download it anymore). Soon, you will be able to play this on PC as well, thanks to a 17 year old gamer called Qimsar.

According to Qimsar himself on Reddit , he has almost all original material and has re-created everything in Unreal Engine 4, which took him roughly 140 hours despite not having much video game development experience at all:

"I started working on it 6/1/2018 and after about 7 days, the full game was playable, but after the 7th day, I went on vacation (which I'm currently still in) and my progress has slowed a significant amount, but I've spent the last 20 days polishing the game. Prior to having started this project, I've only had 6 hours of experience with the Unreal Engine (about 1 hour on GameMaker, and about a staggering 35 or so hours on Unity, and that's all of my experience with videogame development) and this is my first game. In total, I've spent about 140 hours on this and on the way, I've had to force myself to learn how to do a ton of things. Also, I'm 17 so if that adds any to my street cred, then there it is."

You can download the first edition of P.T. for PC on via this link.

Silent Hills
What could have been...

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