Fable Anniversary

Ted Timmins leaves Lionhead

The lead designer on Fable Anniversary departs.

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Ted Timmins began his career as a tester on the original Fable, and worked his way up to the position of Lead Designer on Fable Anniversary and Fable Franchise Manager at Lionhead Studios. Today, on Twitter he announced his departure from the studio.

"I guess I'd have to mention it at some point on Twitter, and I'm not entirely sure how to say it in 140 characters but I'll try. I've decided to leave Lionhead. This was a really tough decision, as I've had such an amazing time here! I've worked with incredibly talented people, had the chance to meet Fable fans in person and represent Xbox at some amazing events.

Lionhead has been such an integral part of my life, more than 1/3rd of it infact! Which is why it's a good time for change. There's also something quite special that Fable 1 was the first game I was a part of, and Fable Anniversary is my last. Thanks to everyone at Lionhead, Xbox, all the fans, journalists and event teams that have made my time here so awesome. Special thanks to @pmolyneux for establishing a company that would give a spotty 18 year old with no talent or qualifications a chance."

Fable Anniversary

Here's a couple of GRTV videos with Ted, first one where a younger Ted Timmins showed off Fable III (I was a lot younger as well).


And here's another interview where Ted is accompanied by creative director Gary Carr as they detail Fable: The Journey.


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