Dying Light

Techland: "We've moved past the undead resurrected corpses"

Techland's Blazej Krakowiak talks about bringing back the horror in zombie games.

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We caught up with Techland's Blazej Krakowiak to find out more about the Dead Island developer's next zombie game.


Movement is key in Dying Light and this is what Krakowiak had to say on the subject:

"That's one of the major themes that were missing from the general, very wide zombie genre. Because if you're walking at street level just making small hops, you're not really different from zombies. And humans should be different. But then we don't want to make things easy and I think we've moved past the undead resurrected corpses, so we're dealing with an infection with a virus."

When speaking of the experience they're gunning for Krakowiak said:

"The typical melee combat apocalyptic scenario. Plus really almost unlimited movement. Plus great crafting mechanics for weapons. And of course, the day and night cycle. Another huge addition, because usually during the night it's the enemy that has the advantage."

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