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Techland reveals more on its newest game

The Dying Light studio is working on a AAA fantasy game.

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Polish game developer Techland has given us another sneak peek on the latest game it is working on. The reveal was made on Twitter alongside what looked like a piece of concept art, showing someone clinging to a tree while in the background you can see a town or city and a planet that appears to be split apart.

Apart from the fact it'll be a narrative-driven, open-world action RPG, we've not been given a name for Techland's upcoming project, or details on what the gameplay might entail. But, if we take Techland's work on Dying Light and its sequel as an example, we can imagine there will be a significant focus on parkour and traversing the map in unusual ways.

There has also not been any confirmation of a release window of this title, so it's probably best not to expect it for at least a few years, especially considering we've only been shown a piece of concept art so far. As this is the second time we're hearing about this project after May 2022, it's possible that the team at Techland are making some progress, though.

Techland reveals more on its newest game

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