Destiny 2

Teammates of cheaters in Destiny 2 to start getting banned

Those teaming up with cheaters are now guilty by association and can get banned for the actions of the company they keep.

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In a recent blog post on Bungie's official website, the developer spoke at length on the ever-growing problem Destiny 2's having with cheaters. Cheating is up approximately 50% in Destiny 2 since January, most instances being logged on PC, and Bungie is, of course, looking to put a stop to this practice as soon as possible. The developer is doing so by taking extra measures to assure cheating doesn't occur and one of these measures is to open up to banning those who team up with cheaters and is thus benefitting from the foul play of the company they keep.

Players are now guilty by association and will soon be able to feel the blow of the ban hammer.

Destiny 2

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