Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics hits mobile devices in March

That's also when Set 3 will arrive, and over the next few months players will get even more content to play with.

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Riot Games started working on Teamfight Tactics last February, launching it and improving on it with time, and now a new dev diary from the team has revealed even more changes heading to the game in 2020.

Some of the "random mechanics" have been pulled out based on player feedback, for example, so that "the player with the better strategy will win more often". Some disables have also been removed as well, not to mention fewer hard counters, instead offering some softer counters.

Item reworks and new Champions will also be added over the coming months, and Set 3 is currently set to go live in the middle of March too.

Teamfight Tactics will also be headed to mobile devices in "most countries" as of March as well, as the team has been hard at work adapting the PC version to the mobile audience.

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Teamfight Tactics

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