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Team Vitality has unveiled its Adidas Pro Jersey

It's known as V1tal1ty, and has been designed to reflect the organisation's commitment to be the number one esports team.

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The French esports organisation Team Vitality has unveiled the Pro Jersey that it has been designing alongside Adidas. Known as the V1tal1ty Pro Jersey, this shirt has been created to reflect the organisation's commitment and desire to be regarded as the number one esports team.

"As we reach a five-year milestone with Adidas, we couldn't be prouder to launch the V1tal1ty Pro Jersey which is a symbol of the initiative and creative partnership we have forged together," said Nicolas Maurer, Team Vitality's CEO. "As pioneer in the sector and a leader in European esports, the term "first" means a lot to us. This jersey is not just a piece of clothing but a representation of who we are and what we want to become. I look forward to seeing our fans in the Pro Jersey at an esports event very soon."

The jersey itself features electric yellow stripes and a white on the collar, front, and sleeves. As this is a special edition jersey, the shirt also comes with a new coat of arms on its chest, which has been specifically designed to showcase the evolution of Team Vitality.

The jersey is available to purchase today, and can be grabbed with or without customisation for €79.99 and €94.99 respectively. The first 100 people to grab a jersey will also receive the limited-edition "1" version of it, and will have a 1 embroidered on its back.

Team Vitality has unveiled its Adidas Pro Jersey

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