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Team Vitality announce Adidas as team outfitter

The sports outfitter is dressing an esports team.

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Team Vitality has announced that they have joined with Adidas France, so that the sports company will be the outfitter for the esports team.

"We are extremely glad to have the opportunity to work hand in hand with Adidas, a brand with which we share the identity of being both competitors and forerunners," said Team Vitality owner Fabien "Neo" Devide. "Vitality is reaching a new mark and will be the first major esport brand dressed up by an outfitter that is amongst the leaders in traditional sports. Esport is expanding on all fronts, may it be in the medias or in business, and this partnership confirms the trend!"

This means that Adidas will give all Team Vitality players a collection which the fans can also see "very soon." Vitality acknowledge that this move from Adidas into esports outfitting may be a "surprise," but they are confident of Adidas' support.

Speaking elsewhere, one of the team's founders Nicolas Maurer said: ""It's a good deal, not our biggest. We'll send players to Adidas events, they'll invite us to specific events too, and they'll showcase our teams on their social networks. The goal of the deal is to do more than just clothes and branding."

In saying "not our biggest," however, Maurier had to clarify that he meant it wasn't the biggest "in terms of financial volume." Do you see more sports outfitters making the move to esports?

Photo: Team Vitality

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