Team Vitality and Gaming Campus opening Gaming Academy

Vitality players will train there.

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French esports organisation Team Vitality has announced that they will be opening an esports academy in France alongside the company Gaming Campus, providing not only a training facility for players but also helping Gaming Campus educate people on esports.

This facility will be constructed in Lyon and, much like scholarships elsewhere in the world like the US, will help those hoping to get into esports get started. Vitality adds that education is necessary to strengthen esports as it is, and that Vitality's pro players will continously work within the academy to improve their performance.

The academy will open in October this year and provide a Bachelor level education program in esports, including media training, monetisation of games, business development, and many other areas.

Will we see more teams doing this?

Team Vitality and Gaming Campus opening Gaming Academy
Photo: Team Vitality

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