Team TeePee are the first XDefiant champions

The All-Star Series for the game concluded last night to mark the debut of the shooter.

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Ubisoft officially launched its take on an arena shooter last night, when XDefiant made its arrival around the world. To mark the launch of the game, Ubisoft also hosted a small tournament called the XDefiant All-Star Series, and involving a slate of creators and influencers, with the finals taking place last night.

With that in mind, we now know who has been crowned as the first XDefiant champions, with that honour falling to Team TeePee, a team captained by "TeeP", and also featuring "Attach", "John287", and "Spacely".

While the finals were a best-of-seven, Team TeePee proved very dominant and defeated the challenging Team Aches in a 4-0 fashion, ultimately securing the title and tournament for their own.

Did you tune into the XDefiant All-Star Series?


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