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Team SoloMid win the NA LCS Summer Split

They beat Immortals 3-1 in the final.

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Team SoloMid, otherwise known as TSM, have had a successful history in the NA LCS, and now they've extended that legacy by beating Immortals 3-1 in the NA LCS final in Boston to secure their third consecutive title.

That's not to say the final wasn't close, though, as both sides fought valiantly in closely contested matches, especially in the first two games, and considering TSM's performance at the Mid-Season Invitational, you'd be forgiven for thinking Immortals may have won it.

Both teams will be at the Worlds later this year, but TSM will probably be going into it with a bit more confidence, especially considering the fact they've won two championships this year back to back.

Did you think they'd win?

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Photo: Riot Games

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