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Super Meat Boy

Team Meat talk Headcrabs

Meat Boy dev on Valve cameo

Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat announced on its blog this morning that the Steam release of the title, which is due for release on November 30, will include an unlockable Headcrab character to mark the title's debut on the service.

As part of an exclusive interview we'll be hosting in full on the site tomorrow, Edmund McMilllen and Tommy Refenes, the dynamic duo that make up developer Team Meat, explained how the cameo came about.

Super Meat Boy

"It's funny how all our experiences, all the craziest things that have happened to us, as far as opporunities go, have all come from half-jokes," explains Tommy. "When we went to Valve about doing something special for the release of [Super Meat Boy] on Steam and asked 'do you have any ideas?' they said 'well we'd really like to do something, we really like the game'.

They were fans of the game, played it, liked it and were willing to support it. And we jokingly said it would be awesome if we could have the Headcrab, like half-joking - thinking a company like Valve wouldn't even allow this. And they were like 'yea sure'. Everybody loved the idea."

Super Meat Boy

Non-Steam owners aren't left out in the cold either. Non-Steam PC and Mac versions will include a Goo Ball from World of Goo as an exclusive character. The developer also announced that pre-orders of the title on Steam from the November 23 will receive a 33% discount.

Check back tomorrow when the interview goes live, as Team Meat discusses the independent scene, Kinect, pedophilia and sexual harrassment.


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