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Team Liquid's League of Legends team hosting tryouts

"We have to do something."

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If you've been following the North America League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS), you'll know that Team Liquid's first half the spring split, which is the season running from January 20 to March 26, hasn't been too good. In fact, they sit at rock bottom in the table alongside Team EnVy, both with two wins and eight losses to their name. They've therefore decided to host tryouts in the middle of the season to try and salvage something from it.

This surprising decision was revealed during a >Facebook AMA (Ask Me Anything), as picked up by The Dot Esports, where Team Liquid owner Steve Arhancet said that the team were certainly aware of the bad performance this season and that they "have to do something" to turn it around.

The solution, therefore, is to use the two week break for the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice tournament, where most teams would be practicing, to host tryouts for many positions. The team may even role-swap if things get really dire.

Will this bold and unprecedented decision work in their favour?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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