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Team Liquid will be replacing FunPlus Phoenix at Valorant Masters Reykjavik

Travel trouble and VISA issues strike again.

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Riot Games has announced that Team Liquid will officially be attending Valorant Champions Tour Masters Reykjavik in the place of FunPlus Phoenix, due to the latter being unable to attend amid a host of travel and VISA troubles.

As mentioned in a statement from Riot, it's noted that various avenues to ensure FPX could attend were explored, including extending the roster lock window, relaxing substitute rules, and liaising with government officials, but unfortunately "through no fault of their own", FPX will not be able to field a roster and compete at the Masters event.

In the statement, Riot notes that it had to maintain a degree of continuity and fairness, but that it will be evaluating ways to recognise FPX's achievement over Stage 1, including by ensuring the team receives VCT points and a portion of the prize pool.

With Team Liquid attending in FPX's place, the three attending slots from the EMEA region have been filled, meaning it's full steam ahead for the Masters tournament, which is planned to begin on April 10.


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