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Heroes of the Storm

Team Liquid returns to Heroes of the Storm

Their roster used to play for Misfits.

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Team Liquid have announced that they are returning to Heroes of the Storm, and their team is the former Misfits roster that Gamereactor saw in action at the Western Clash earlier this month.

"Once upon a time, Liquid Heroes was one of the most feared teams in the Nexus," the announcement said. "Our three semi-finals from April to July 2016 portended great potential, but in the end the blue horse would be absent from the HGC. At the time, the most agreeable course of action for everyone involved was to pursue better opportunities. "

"Today, we announce our return to Heroes of the Storm with Blumbi, Nurok, darkmok, Splendour, and HasuObs. The ex-Misfits squad has been one of the best teams in Europe since its inception, starting with their silver in Katowice 2016. They won their first tournament at DreamHack Tours, and they continue to rack up podium placements—the most recent a bronze at the Western Clash three weeks ago."

This team sits atop of the HotS Global Championship Phase Europe Pro League with a 7-0 record, and so this isn't a bad acquisition for Team Liquid at all.

"I am very excited to be a part of Team Liquid," HasuObs said. "I have known Victor and the whole team for a long time because of my roots in the StarCraft 2 community, and their work and commitment has always been exceptional. Team Liquid is the top of the class in esports and I am very happy that we have the chance to play under Team Liquid's banner."

"We are very grateful for the opportunity to represent Team Liquid," Blumbi added. "Consistency, dedication and professionalism are important qualities that we share with our new organisation. A promising future lies ahead of us and we hope our fans keep supporting us on our new road."

How good can Team Liquid be on their HotS return?

Heroes of the Storm
Photo: Team Liquid

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