Civilization VI

Team Liquid is creating a Civilization VI team

And MrGameTheory will be its captain.

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Team Liquid has announced that they are forming a Civilization team and that Stephen "MrGameTheory" Takowsky will be the team's captain.

MrGameTheory is a new addition to Team Liquid and a former world champion of Civilization, achieving number one on the Civilization Revolution leaderboard as well as the Civilization IV and V international leagues. He is also referred to as a legend of Civilization, an iconic figure in the game.

Team Liquid believes Civilization VI will be a popular esports game and so part of the reason they created this team was to anticipate its popularity in the future. They also announced that they will be launching a tournament soon in order to help revitalise Civilization players and communities. Do you think Civilization VI will take off as a game for esports?

Civilization VI

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