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Team Liquid enters the PUBG esports scene

They'll compete at Gamescom this month.

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We've known as of last month that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting a tournament at Gamescom, and now esports organisation Team Liquid has announced it is entering the esports scene for the game, and will be competing at the Gamescom invitational this month.

The four-man team features four impressive players of the game: Scoom, Molnman, Hayz, and Ollywood, a team that will be up against some of the biggest players in the world at Gamescom this year. The organisation has faith in these players, though, as evident by the following statement from Steve Arhancet, Team Liquid owner.

"While many other teams have sought stream-focused team rosters, we decided to seek the most talented players on the Western servers. Scoom, Molnman, Hayz and Ollywood caught our attention with their insane stats and likeable personalities. We want to support these players so that they can place highly in the competitions to come. PUBG is still in the early stages of its life and the meta and balance are still evolving, and it will be exciting to see how the game evolves."

"Bluehole has announced new, esports friendly maps and made a public proclamation of support for the game's competitive scene, which is encouraging. We believe in the game's future and its growing community, and we are confident that Scoom, Molnman, Hayz and Ollywood will be trailblazers in this young scene. We are big fans of PUBG and we're excited to take our first steps together."

Will more big organisations follow suit?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Photo: Team Liquid

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