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Quake Champions

Team Liquid and t9clawz claim victory at QuakeCon

Quake Champions has had another successful event.

Last weekend saw QuakeCon take place, Bethesda's event in which they talked about upcoming games, but staying true to the title they also had Quake on offer as well, with players battling it out in Quake Champions to prove themselves as the best in id Software's shooter.

In terms of the Duel competition, Nikita 't9clawz' Marchinsky became back-to-back champion after fighting through plenty of opposition, including Whaz, Spart1e, and Garpy, before eventually dominating the grand final match against Team Liquid's Tim 'DaHanG' Fogarty.

Speaking of Liquid, the team did experience some success in the 2v2 side of things, as DaHanG paired up with Shane 'Rapha' Hendrixson to walk away with a trophy. There was even a collegiate competition as well, in which Cha1n and Burnton showed that they were players to watch.

Did you catch the action?

Quake Champions

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