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Team Huma rebranded as Paris Saint-Germain eSports

The EU Challenger Series team are now associated with a big name in football.

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The hugely popular French football team Paris Saint-Germain was last week partnered with the media company Webedia, the owners of LCS team Millenium. Following this partnership, it looks like PSG are getting their own eSports team. According to a report, Webedia have purchased Team Huma, of the LoL EU Challenger series, and plan to rebrand them as Paris Saint-Germain.

The report says that Webedia purchased the team from the teams owner, Behdad Jaafarian, who was banned a while back from Riot-affiliated leagues after failing to pay team members their minimum salary. The team itself has been on the market since mid-August.

The news of this acquisition is the latest in a string of purchases from companies around the world as mainstream sports organisations begin to test the eSports waters. The German football team VFL Wolfsburg have their own pro FIFA player, as does the Premier League Team West Ham United. Just a few weeks back in the US, the major eSports organisations Dignitas and Liquid were both snapped up, with Dignitas now being a part of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Does this mean we'll be seeing PSG players on stage playing League of Legends in the next season. What do you make of this? Do you feel that football interfering with eSports is a bad thing, or do you welcome the exposure this will bring?

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