Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 players are review bombing the game to protest bots

The recent reviews are now mostly negative.

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In all of Team Fortress 2's storied history, we're not sure we've ever seen fans turn to review bombing their beloved team-based shooter. It seems the bot problem has just become that bad that players had no other option.

As PCGamer reports, there was a petition signed by well over 100,000 people and sent over to Valve, and now as part of the FixTf2 movement players are protesting the game via reviews. These reviews have now reached a mostly negative rating on Steam, even if the overall rating remains positive.

This all stems from rampant bots in the game's servers. It's not just about getting killed unfairly, as some have linked these bots to targeted harassment, something they believe Valve should deal with. Valve hasn't yet responded to this outcry, but the players are doing all they can to be heard.

Team Fortress 2

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