Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 now allows for 100 players

But Valve recommends you probably shouldn't have that many people on the map.

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The latest update for Team Fortress 2 has more than tripled the amount of players that can be on a map at one time from 32 to 100.

Valve has said that the option is "unsupported and not recommended," though, meaning that if you jump on with 49 other friends for some 50v50 gameplay, you are at risk of bugging out the game or crashing a server.

The update came with a bunch of other, more minor changes, such as tweaking weapons, fixing crash scenarios, and more. It is impressive Valve is still putting a good amount of effort into updating a game over 15 years old. But, the hard work is showing good results, as Team Fortress 2 reached new peak player counts recently.

Team Fortress 2

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